This is the most wonderful time of the year!

Yes it’s true and it’s magical because magic things could happen. Love is the air everywhere and you can finally find time for yourself and your family. And fingers crossed, maybe you’ll get that proposal you’re waiting for…

Let’s dream together about it, maybe your handsome boyfriend could have nice tips to create something beautiful for you. Otherwise, if you’re already engaged these are the perfect place for an engagement shoot:

  • under the snow: a total white space, always special, maybe while skiing or skating
  • under the Xmas tree: cozy outfits and all about Christmas decorations…find a curious place to place the ring, hang it up on the tree or into a strange package
  • a European city: take the chance for a trip together, get relaxed and choose a romantic corner
  • an unconventional situation: find a place that is not ordinary. Avoid the traditional romantic dinner + walk along a lake/sea/river. Something unexpected is always appreciated!

And of course be creative!You know your sweet half better than everyone else ; )

I wish all of you a Bright and Merry Christmas!


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