• Books are my passion. When I start one I need to finish it as soon as I can.
  • I’m pretty convinced that turtles are the best animals in the world. They are clever and understand everything we’re saying…don’t laugh, it’s true : )
  • I’m in love with couples in love: I’m proud to help them till the happy ending (and a little bit sad because everything is finished).
  • I’m curious and I’m never fed up of discoveries (it’s my parents’ fault): the last chapter in books (my passion), mystery tv series (Lost on top), new cities and places (aka travels), love stories (of course)
  • Challenges and risks need to be part of my life: they allow me to grow up and develop my full potential
  • I say big WOW every time I see stunning flowers
  • I can’t stop crying when Atreiu loses his horse. The Neverending Story is my best book ever.
  • I like dancing and party time.
  • Tulle skirts can’t go missing in my wardrobe. I have one in every color.
  • Dark Chocolate is my secret addiction.
  • Watching the sea makes me feel in peace with the world.
  • I feel in my element on little islands and in big cities, but less so in small towns (no middle measures)
  • I think you need to enjoy your life, every special moment, laugh and be happy with your family.

“Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence” (Roald Dahl)