CRISTINA – Founder and Owner

She has built her experience in Weddings and Events over the last 5 years, realizing creative projects for beautiful couples. And yes, she solved problems, she ran and ran to make things happen just at the right perfect time, and she drove people crazy asking for the utmost attention to detail.

Long years spent in Arts and Fashion and her Italian roots ensure a personal style and touch to her projects. She loves working with people who share her values, feelings and ideas. She is inspired by everyday life and by extraordinary experiences as well, she enjoys travelling and meeting wonderful people. It’s hard to explain the mix of feelings and pretty moments that made she fall in love with her job. I mean, it’s that kind of love that makes you weep tears of joy every time.

She is convinced every kind of Love is unique. She helps couples in planning, designing and celebrating the most wonderful day of their lives: true emotions, free mindsets – and sometimes unconventional ideas – enable her to build up a bespoke experience, where they’re the real stars of the show.  MORE ABOUT ME



MICHELA – Event Manager Italy

Organization lover (she could not live without TO-DO lists), proactive and precise, her work is a no-stop looking for beautiful things, color matching and research of nice details that make the difference.

She loves unconventional weddings and creative projects that reflect the personality and the love story of each couple.

Born as Interior Designer, a personal jewelry handmade project called Lenor, mind and heart of Le Jour du Oui projects for more than 3 years. From 2016 she is Event Manager in charge  for Weddings in Italy of Le Jour du Oui.

MATTEO – Rentals Manager and Business Administrator

The rational mind of Le Jour du Oui. He follows up all the logistic area and he’s able to solve problems in less than five minutes. After years  in Apple stores, he’s still addicted to their products, but instead of laptops and iPhones he provides the best rentals of furniture, table setting, decorations and useful stuff ever seen for our clients

ILARIA – Events Assistant

Graduated in Interior Design, with her professional knowledge she is a new contributor of Le Jour du Oui projects. A romantic dreamer who keeps her feet on the ground, she is an organized planner and she followed up all the details choosing, selecting and finally bringing ideas to life.




EVELINA – Flower Designer

Evelina has grown in the Italian countryside surrounded by plants and flowers. Having moved to London when she was 22 she studied at the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers. She learnt the typical country English style, where each individual flower is arranged in an imperfect way, allowing the flower to dance freely. After setting up her own company in Florence, she now collaborates with Le Jour du Oui. She works with the team on every detail to provide Brides and Grooms flowers that can enhance the perfect mood for their wedding day and to express their personalities.




Le Jour du Oui works with a team of collaborators in Ibiza, Italy and Destination Weddings/Events.

They have been selected for their experience, proactive qualities in working together, and passion for the events world. Plus a large selection of providers (graphic designers, photographers and videomakers, florists, music agencies, artisans etc..) can guarantee the best results for our projects.fullsizerender-3